Frissant is Vancouver’s First Cronut

What is a cronut? It is hybrid pastry of a flaky croissant and a deep fried doughnut. Frissant is our new baby hybrid for Fritter + Croissant after several recipe experimentation sessions. Our frissant pays homage to the current NYC craze courtesy of a particular bakery for their cronut invention. This craze for a deep fried croissant has been received worldwide with bakeries in Australia, Asia and various cities in USA; all attempting to make their versions under different names. Frissant is Canada’s cronut on the map! No lineups, no scalping. Just come on in!

Stay tuned for more flavours!


Sexy vanilla bean cream layers

5 thoughts on “Frissant is Vancouver’s First Cronut

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  2. Linda

    Only one word to describe this taste sensation — PERFECTION!!! Within seconds of biting into this heaven on earth, the half hour wait was loooong forgotten! Friends described it as being “gourmet”, “doesn’t taste of lard”, “perfect amount of sweetness”. It’s light, crispy and divine! Note: maximum of six Frissants. They saved me from eating even more. Absolutely will go back again. … and yes, gasp — even wait in line! Another customer mentioned that the Maple Bacon Doughnut was fabulous. Well done Swiss Bakery….keeping a happy face and pleasant attitude with the hoardes of Frissant fans waiting was truly remarkable. Get there early!

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