Ordering Info

The best time to get a Frissant is between 8:30-11:30am Monday-Saturday on a first-come first-serve basis. (You may also come in prior to 8:30am to order your Frissants and pick them up later on the SAME day.)

For pre-ordering, the minimum order is 24 pieces (with 2 days advanced notice); please visit our CONTACT page and fill out the form with your information. We will contact you to confirm the date as we allocate a certain amount for large pre-orders daily.

We are still working out the kinks with the increased production in addition to our everyday wholesale and retail production. We would like to thank you for your time and patience in visiting Swiss Bakery and allowing our team to serve your needs in the best way possible. We ask for your understanding and welcome any feedback regarding our Frissants. (June 2013)


What started out as a curiosity on how the New York Cronut tastes has turned into a frenzy for this new hybrid pastry of two classics (doughnut and croissant), and we call it the Frissant.

Since 1993, we have been making deep-fried apple fritters and laminating croissants. With the sudden frenzy of the cronut, our curiosity propelled us to experiment and to create Swiss Bakery’s version. It took about 15 recipes to master the crispiness on the outside and flakey croissant layers on the inside. We have yet to taste the New York cronut, however we wanted to create a tasty product worthy on our menu based on the hybrid concept. The entire process of the frissant you are tasting takes 3 days to make.

We started selling our Frissant in late May 2013, making about 36 pieces daily. Around mid June 2013, an increase in demand had us making at least 200+ depending on the day of the week. It took us by surprise and we have social media, many bloggers and the media to thank for the buzz, making our Frissant one of the most sought-after desserts this summer.

frissant_choco Chocolate Custard Cream Frissantfrissant_cross01Vanilla Bean Frissant

Lastly, we would also like to thank our loyal retail customers for your support. You are the ones who give continual support and look for our Pecan Craisin, Sourdough or Olive Rosemary loaves, Sandwiches, Pretzels, Laugenweckens, Croissants, Tiramisu, Eclairs, Cream Horns, and Poppyseed Squares, just to name a few! We thank you, as these products of ours are getting quite jealous of all the Frissant attention at present.

~ From our hands to yours
Michael & the Swiss Bakery team