Our delicious cakes are offered in 6” and 10” sizes.

Half slab and full slab cakes are also available for your next special event or holiday celebration. (Serving size of slab cakes depends on how small or large the pieces are cut.)

Please inquire about our seasonal cakes and special offerings.

Note: Special orders need to be made two days in advance – please call us at 604.736.8785

  • Chocolate Mousse – Japanaise almond pastry layered with chocolate mousse, orange zest insert, more chocolate mousse, and topped with chocolate glaze
  • Chocolate Ganache – alternating layers of ganache and sacher
  • New York Cheesecake – graham crumb base with nuts layered with a baked, creamy cheesecake
  • Tiramisu – lady finger sponge base, layered with a smooth yet subtle homemade marscapone cheese and tia maria. Rich and buttery to the taste with a hint of espresso
  • Seasonal Mousse Cake – a sponge base layered in a smooth, creamy texture of your choice of seasonal fruit mousse