~Discover Swiss Bakery’s artistry this holiday season

‘Tis the season to be eating and giving!

Swiss Bakery offers plenty of gift ideas – whether it’s to impress at a business gathering, to those who are last minute shoppers. Stop by to check out our selection, and make sure to visit our traditional BIG gingerbread house displayed in the retail area.

  • Gingerbread House

An exquisite yet delicious house decorated with assorted candy and marzipan people to celebrate the holidays and satisfy your sweet tooth all the way to the New Year.



  • Christmas Stollen

A savoury dessert that comes in a small or large size. The exterior is coated with icing sugar and the interior swirled with marzipan and filled with mixed fruits, raisins, and almonds soaked in rum. It is one dessert that’ll have all your guests wanting more!


  • Christmas Yule Log

A Christmas sponge cake created with your choice of white, chocolate, or mocha sponge and decorated like a log chopped from a snowy forest.



  • Gingerbread People

Created from the same dough as our Gingerbread houses, these people are great gifts for Gingerbread lovers of all ages!




  • Mincemeat Tart

Another tasty dessert that will complement any event or dinner gathering, it is ready to serve!




  • Assorted Christmas Cookies

Swiss Bakery offers a variety of wonderful holiday cookies that are ideal for your upcoming business party or family gathering!


Mandelhonigkuchen (almond honey cake)
OrangennuBchen (little orange nut)
St. Galler Biberle
Eigelbmakronen (French macaroons)
Cinnamon Star
Snowy Shortbread
Regular & Mini Hazelnut cookies
Checkered box cookies

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