There is a bright optimism in these seasonal Spring treats. The perfect few bites for an afternoon coffee break. Nothing too sweet, just the lightest touch of lemons, berries, matcha and rosemary. Like taking a deep breath in a garden after the rain, or feeling the spring sun warming your skin.

Rosemary Pumpkin Seed Cookie
Bright herbal notes and crunchy seeds make this the perfect cookie for when you don’t want something too sweet. Picture yourself with a plate of these, a cup of green tea, a good book and the afternoon stretching out before you.

Cranberry Ruby Chocolate & Walnut Cookie
Just sweet enough to feel like a treat, just virtuous enough to be guilt free. Oat-y and substantial, but still special enough to serve to company.

Hibiscus Lemon Shortbread
Bright sunshine in cookie form. A plate of these cookies is like sitting poolside in California, the scent of lemon blossom in the air.

Matcha Rose White Chocolate Shortbread
Rich and warm, perfect for day-dreamy afternoons, looking out at the garden after a spring rain.

Raspberry Rosemary Madeleine
An afternoon tea, a pretty plate stacked high with perfect pink madeleines. Delicate raspberry paired with rosemary flavours this light as air confection.

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