Instead of going the traditional route, you can add the extra pinch of love with Swiss Bakery’s tantalizing treats. Our freshly baked products can be the perfect complement for you to take home.


If you’re busy planning something bigger, simply count on us to deliver the order to you. Curbside services are also available, which means you can pick up the order at your convenience. When you’re on time, and with a handful of delicious baked goodies, you can undoubtedly make amazing memories.


We are offering the unique Ruby Chocolate Truffles, Lemon Hibiscus and Matcha Rose Cookies and your favourite heart-shaped Frissants too! As St. Valentine’s Day approaches closer, people come up with creative ideas to show their partner they care.


The day celebrates the love two people share and commemorates their fond memories. Besides love, there’s a tonne of excitement and joy in the air. From heartfelt cards to DIY projects, there’s a lot you can choose from when it comes to presents. Naturally, it’s no secret that Valentine’s is never complete without dessert!

While most would go for a box of chocolates, that’s a little too mainstream these days. So, why not take it up a notch and truly make a lasting impression?


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