You might not believe in ghost stories, but paranormal situations are taking over the bakery since the tragedy occurred when our pastry chef found a group of Murdered donuts on a regular and wet morning. The imaginary police officers couldn’t find a clue.

People said they saw a ghost with three undefined little bodies close to the neighbourhood. In case you see strange creatures called “Whoopie” around Mt Pleasant. Take precautions and keep an eye on yourself and the kiddos.

Finally, we ask the community to support us and placing orders in advance, hoping to catch the strangers with their “Hands over the dough.”

These are the Spooky days when everyone gets wild, a little bit excited with terrific costumes. If you see something, eat something. 

Get ready to be thrilled also delighted! Halloween Collection will be available from Oct 18th to Oct 29th.

“Good luck and good hunting”

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