Gluten is a protein found in wheat, many grains, rye, and barley. It’s common to find gluten in foods such as muffins, cookies, bread, etc. Having gluten in most of the pastries makes it difficult for people who are allergic to gluten.

Here at Swiss Bakery, we believe that nothing should stop you from enjoying the food you love. So, to help the people who can not eat products with gluten but want to enjoy the delicious treats, we created a new line of gluten-friendly products such as Cookies and Muffins.

Come and try our delicious cookies: Snowy Lemon, Peppermint Chocolate, and Lemon Oat and our muffins: Blueberry Lemon, Cranberry Orange, Chocolate Chips, and Banana Coconut Date that are very tasty.

Visit our ONLINE STORE to check out our Gluten-Friendly Collection! Available for Monday – Friday 8 am-5 pm PICK-UP.