After a cold winter and spring coming close, we can finally appreciate the sun. We have a lot of occasions coming in March and one of them is St. Patrick’s Day! So, it’s the perfect time to celebrate.

At Swiss Bakery we’ve created a variety of products to celebrate this special occasion and to satisfy your sweet tooth with some of our favorite Irish-inspired treats.

From Leprechaun Hats to Matcha Buns, all these charming desserts will make your St. Patrick’s Day special and green.

Don’t forget we also have Lucky Pops for those who like less sugar & for mint lovers we have Refresh White Chocolate Cookie and Shamrock Mint Cheesecake.

As always, we do have a GF Pot Cookie for our Gluten-Friendly family. If you have someone that loves chocolate, our St. Paddy’s Sugar Cookies are a must because they taste so delicious and have an eye-catching feature as well.

Get ready to enjoy! St. Patrick’s Collection will be available from March 14th to March 20th.

Visit our ONLINE STORE to check out our Seasonal Goodies! Available for Monday – Friday 8 am-5 pm / Saturday & Sunday 10 am – 2:45 pm PICK-UP.