With Easter approaching closer, we’re feeling a little festive. So our team decided to make it a little more special with some delicious treats. Personalities, confections, and seasonal treats were all inspired by the endearing characters. We all know that you all are looking to celebrate this Easter with more joy so starting April 11th, 2022 till April 18th, 2022 Swiss bakery will be the best spot to treat yourself and your loved ones with one of our below-mentioned Easter treats.

“Easter Bunny”– Sweet pastry filled with fresh strawberry filling and decorated as a cute bunny is a must-try.

“Coco Pineapple tart”– It’s a Vegan/Gluten Friendly tart with delicious coconut and pineapple filling and decorated as a perfect gift for Easter.

“Fruity Panna Cotta”– Three different layers of Lime, Mango, and Raspberry jelly sitting on a sugar cookie will make your taste buds dance like a jiggly jelly.

“Coco’s Nest”– Nest made with sweet coconut and decorated with colored chocolatey Eggs not only looks good but tastes delicious too.

“Bunny’s Favourite Cake”– Carrot cupcake with a topping of Cream Cheese and Whipping cream justifies the name.

It’s already April! In the meanwhile, we are grateful to our consumers for keeping us going, allowing us to continue making the simple baked goods we know and love in these difficult times.

Daylight is a friendly reminder that Spring is here, the aroma of Spring’s treats, cold drinks, picnic blankets, hiking with family and friends, and most importantly, we’re here to hear exciting stories and share a cup of coffee.

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