2023 version of Pizza Pretzel

To fulfill your pizza cravings, we present Benny’s Bagel original Pizza Pretzel to you.

This soft pretzel is topped with REAL homemade pizza sauce and cheddar cheese.

You cannot go wrong with this delicious Pizza Pretzel, whether it’s lunch, dinner or any meal of the day, it’s a perfect choice.

This scrumptious good tasting Pizza Pretzel is now available!

Visit our ONLINE STORE to check out our delicious Pizza Pretzels! Available for Monday – Friday 8 am-5 pm PICK-UP.


Celebrating our 30th anniversary, we are pleased to announce a new name for our company – LUMINOUS FOODS INC.

We are still the same great Swiss Bakery with all the delicious goods, while also expanding our offerings as a Premium Food Company.

We look forward to continuing to serve our community with Authentic Artisan Bread, Gourmet Pretzels, Hand-made Pastries, and much more.

Thank you for your continuous support throughout the years and many more to come !!!

The legal name is now LUMINOUS FOODS INC replacing SIUWYN INVESTMENT LTD.
LUMINOUS FOODS INC is dba -doing business as SWISS BAKERY

Our Special Cinnamon Bun is BACK!

We are happy to reintroduce our own Cinnamon buns back into production!

Our Cinnamon buns topped with in-house whipped cream cheese icing are the BEST choice for any moment that requires a little something special.

The soft and fluffy cinnamon buns studded with raisins paired with rich cream cheese icing make it absolutely delicious:)

Greater news!!! 
Better quality and taste at the same price of $3.00 each

Look out for this to be phased in tentatively from February 13, Monday, 2023

Visit our ONLINE STORE to check out our much-improved Cinnamon Buns! Available for Monday – Friday 8 am-5 pm PICK-UP.

Happy 30th Anniversary!


Established in 1993, Swiss Bakery set out as an Artisan
Bread Specialist at Mt pleasant, Vancouver.

With the warm support of our local families and businesses, we have been
supplying traditional breads and a wide range of pastries at this location for
30 years. 

As a token of our gratitude, we are sharing each of our specialty daily
at 30% off on every weekday for the entire 2023.

Monday: San Francisco Sourdough Loaf – Our best loaf, the REAL Sourdough bread, it is a work of art, making it from scratch, it takes time, patience, and lots of love to begin with creating our Sourdough starter.

Tuesday: Crusty French Loaf – White bread with a unique flavor, it comes from long fermentation and 70% hydration.

Wednesday: Multigrain Loaf – Bursting with health and a flavorful bread with nine textures of seeds, oats and sprinkling of cornmeal.

Thursday: Jumbo Butter Croissant + Pain Au Chocolat Combo – Our croissants are handmade, it is 81 layers of REAL butter lamination, which makes our croissants flaky amazing.

Friday: Frissant + Pretzel + Brew Coffee Combo – The perfect combo for enjoying Swiss Bakery features! We are the home of Vancouver’s Frissant, which is a hybrid pastry of croissants and donuts. Handmade our soft German pretzels are the best savory snack for grab-and-go with coffee.


Check out our 30th anniversary offers! Only available online or in-store Monday – Friday 8 am-5 pm. 

See you soon !!!

Easter is Just Around the Corner

With Easter approaching closer, we’re feeling a little festive. So our team decided to make it a little more special with some delicious treats. Personalities, confections, and seasonal treats were all inspired by the endearing characters. We all know that you all are looking to celebrate this Easter with more joy so starting April 11th, 2022 till April 18th, 2022 Swiss bakery will be the best spot to treat yourself and your loved ones with one of our below-mentioned Easter treats.

“Easter Bunny”– Sweet pastry filled with fresh strawberry filling and decorated as a cute bunny is a must-try.

“Coco Pineapple tart”– It’s a Vegan/Gluten Friendly tart with delicious coconut and pineapple filling and decorated as a perfect gift for Easter.

“Fruity Panna Cotta”– Three different layers of Lime, Mango, and Raspberry jelly sitting on a sugar cookie will make your taste buds dance like a jiggly jelly.

“Coco’s Nest”– Nest made with sweet coconut and decorated with colored chocolatey Eggs not only looks good but tastes delicious too.

“Bunny’s Favourite Cake”– Carrot cupcake with a topping of Cream Cheese and Whipping cream justifies the name.

It’s already April! In the meanwhile, we are grateful to our consumers for keeping us going, allowing us to continue making the simple baked goods we know and love in these difficult times.

Daylight is a friendly reminder that Spring is here, the aroma of Spring’s treats, cold drinks, picnic blankets, hiking with family and friends, and most importantly, we’re here to hear exciting stories and share a cup of coffee.

Visit our ONLINE STORE to check out our Seasonal Goodies! Available for Monday – Friday 8 am-5 pm / Saturday & Sunday 10 am – 2:45 pm PICK-UP. 


St. Patrick’s is approaching

After a cold winter and spring coming close, we can finally appreciate the sun. We have a lot of occasions coming in March and one of them is St. Patrick’s Day! So, it’s the perfect time to celebrate.

At Swiss Bakery we’ve created a variety of products to celebrate this special occasion and to satisfy your sweet tooth with some of our favorite Irish-inspired treats.

From Leprechaun Hats to Matcha Buns, all these charming desserts will make your St. Patrick’s Day special and green.

Don’t forget we also have Lucky Pops for those who like less sugar & for mint lovers we have Refresh White Chocolate Cookie and Shamrock Mint Cheesecake.

As always, we do have a GF Pot Cookie for our Gluten-Friendly family. If you have someone that loves chocolate, our St. Paddy’s Sugar Cookies are a must because they taste so delicious and have an eye-catching feature as well.

Get ready to enjoy! St. Patrick’s Collection will be available from March 14th to March 20th.

Visit our ONLINE STORE to check out our Seasonal Goodies! Available for Monday – Friday 8 am-5 pm / Saturday & Sunday 10 am – 2:45 pm PICK-UP.