The Holiday Season

Christmas is around the corner and approaching us faster day by day! The holiday season brings joy, from spending time with family and friends to receiving and opening gifts placed underneath our beautifully decorated tree.

How could we forget our most enjoyed part of the Christmas season? We are just as excited about this as you, possibly even more.

From mid-November to Christmas, our store is lined with delicious baked goods full of Christmas flavours, from festive gingerbread and Pastries, Stollen, and Christmas cookies.

Our delicious gingerbread house is the perfect novelty treat.

Whether celebrating a special event, looking for a unique gift, bringing dessert home for the family, or just craving something sweet, our friendly staff will help you decide on the best-baked goods no matter the occasion.

We also offer a delivery service, delivering fresh bread and pastries to all customers and businesses in Greater Vancouver.

We believe we have something for everyone, so look out for updates on our website and social media pages.

Visit our ONLINE STORE to check out our full lineup of Christmas Treats! Available for Monday – Friday 8 am-5 pm PICK-UP and DELIVERY SERVICE every Friday.

Cool Summer Days

Our Summer Dessert Trio features refreshing seasonal fruits with pleasing chilled flavours. Sweet and juicy mangos, plums, and blueberries are here to help cool you down at much needed after-work park picnics, at sunny weekday beach dips, and on satisfying weekend hikes!

Mango & Coconut Panna Cotta
Cool and creamy combo of coconut cream mixed in with freshly diced mangos and compote. Close your eyes and enjoy satisfying spoonful of these flavours sitting beachside in the tropics.

Plum Tart with Honey Cream
A box of these fresh plum tarts with a kick of honey cream is sweet and light enough to bring home or serve a small picnic of friends. Sharing is caring, but we won’t judge if there’s more for yourself!

Blueberry & Lemon Vanilla Cake Parfait
Refreshing blueberries top this parfait with zesty layers of lemon curd and fragrant vanilla cake. If you’re thinking cake but not ready for that full commitment, this light dessert makes for a perfect post-hike winning prize.

Visit our ONLINE STORE to check out our full lineup of Summer Treats! Available for Monday – Friday 8am-5pm PICK-UP!

Day-dreamy Afternoons

There is a bright optimism in these seasonal Spring treats. The perfect few bites for an afternoon coffee break. Nothing too sweet, just the lightest touch of lemons, berries, matcha and rosemary. Like taking a deep breath in a garden after the rain, or feeling the spring sun warming your skin.

Rosemary Pumpkin Seed Cookie
Bright herbal notes and crunchy seeds make this the perfect cookie for when you don’t want something too sweet. Picture yourself with a plate of these, a cup of green tea, a good book and the afternoon stretching out before you.

Cranberry Ruby Chocolate & Walnut Cookie
Just sweet enough to feel like a treat, just virtuous enough to be guilt free. Oat-y and substantial, but still special enough to serve to company.

Hibiscus Lemon Shortbread
Bright sunshine in cookie form. A plate of these cookies is like sitting poolside in California, the scent of lemon blossom in the air.

Matcha Rose White Chocolate Shortbread
Rich and warm, perfect for day-dreamy afternoons, looking out at the garden after a spring rain.

Raspberry Rosemary Madeleine
An afternoon tea, a pretty plate stacked high with perfect pink madeleines. Delicate raspberry paired with rosemary flavours this light as air confection.

Visit our ONLINE STORE to check out our full lineup of Spring Treats! Available for PICK-UP and DELIVERY!

The “Egg Twist” Secret

Okay, here’s a not-so-secret secret.

Our pillowy EGG TWIST is acceptable to consume anytime, beyond Easter and holy celebrations. This ‘modern’ loaf has a golden sun-kissed soft crust, and a delicate crumb with sweet and buttery flavours. The milky egg custard finish is only enhanced if you try making the BEST FRENCH TOAST OF ALL-TIME! The texture becomes bouncy and jiggly fully-cooked. It may collapse slightly under the light weight of a pat of butter, like a souffle. Brioche-like. EPIC transformation!

Visit our ONLINE STORE to check out our Egg Twist loaf, plus a full lineup of our other Artisan Breads and Baguettes. Available for PICK-UP and DELIVERY!

Online Store Pick-Up & Delivery

Our SWISS BAKERY ONLINE STORE is up and running, and every baked good is available for PICK-UP and DELIVERY!

You can come say hello to pick-up, or enjoy the comfort of staying home with just a few clicks to order, and you will receive your next day delivery. You don’t even have to fix your hair or change out of your PJ’s to enjoy specialties like our Artisan Breads, Baguettes, German Pretzels, Butter Croissants, Frissants, and pretty much everything else you would normally find offered at our retail bakery (temporarily closed). More products are added everyday to serve you better, like our frozen croissants, danishes, rolls, and cookie dough.
ORDER ONLINE for pick-up or next day DELIVERY!
TIME: Mon-Fri 9am-4pm
DELIVERY ZONES: Vancouver, North Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond (more cities coming soon!)
FEE: $2.99 (Order over $25 for FREE DELIVERY)

Dear Friends

Dear Friends,

We are writing to you in the midst of the COVID-19 global pandemic, and it is affecting our community, like everywhere else in the world. The climate is still young here in Vancouver, but it’s already been a challenging time for us all. Our food service industry has been hit hard especially. Alongside our peers, we’ve had to make adjustments to our small shop, react daily to changes to this crisis, and forge ahead with a reduced team.

Above it all, we’re very thankful that we’re still able to serve our community to provide you and your families with much needed sustenance.

We will keep making what we know – uncomplicated baked goods. And like the breads we make, we intend to rise above all this, go full steam ahead with our online store, bring back our teammates, and emerge better than ever as one full unit!

Stay home and stay safe. We are in this together.



All of us at Swiss Bakery