Countdown to Christmas 2021

Christmas Collection is a very festive and delicious option to be shared at your table this year. The seasonal items are the few spices for holiday parties, cookie exchanges, corporate gifts, neighbourhood celebrations and last-minute long-distance gifts. In the meantime, why not satisfy your sweet tooth with these delicate and crumbly Cookies? Not only… but also have fun building Gingerbread Houses from scratch or perhaps only decorating them.

Enjoy the deliciousness of the traditional German Stollen with the nutty and smooth texture from the marzipan. Most importantly, share fresh baked goods with your loved ones, and do not forget the conventional Canadian Nanaimo Bar dressed up with some peppermint taste. In essence, Christmas Collection is available from November 1st to December 24th preorder online to reserve your Christmas treats.

We’re genuinely grateful to be part of the beloved Holiday Tradition one more year with you and your family.

The best seller in 2020 Gingerbread House Flat + Kit is now on. 

SWISS BAKERY GINGERBREAD HOUSE CHALLENGE 2021. It’s challenge time, and you’re invited.

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Our Story

“From our hands to yours”

The Swiss Bakery team

On a rainy Vancouver day, stepping into Swiss Bakery is like stepping into the warmth of your Mother’s kitchen.  The smell of cinnamon buns fill the air, umbrellas pile up by the door and everyone jockeys for the best spot to eye up the day’s offerings of sweets and sandwiches piled high in the display case. There is a hum of anticipation in the air.

Construction workers, art students, tech employees, an elderly customer picking up his wife’s favourite cake for their wedding anniversary, and families popping buy after soccer practice: whether you are a first time customer or you’ve been a regular for twenty years, you are family. The staff knows you, the bread and pastries are always handmade and baked fresh, and the place you came as a child with your parents, is now the place you bring your own children.

From grab-and-go sandwiches and soups, fresh coffee, danishes, German pretzels, donuts, our famous frissants, and cakes for any special occasion, Swiss Bakery is here for you. We are proud to be part of your Vancouver tradition.

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The soft, traditional German pretzel is one of Swiss Bakery’s specialties. The pretzel boasts a knot-like shape and is great for a bite any time of the day. 


What is a cronut? It is hybrid pastry of a flaky croissant and a deep fried doughnut. Frissant is our baby hybrid for Fritter & Croissant after several recipe experimentation sessions.

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