How The Penguins Stole Christmas!

We recently participated in Grouse Mountain’s Gingerbread Village Contest, alongside many bakers and pastry chefs in the lower mainland. Each team were given a corporate sponsor and to work into their concept. We worked with Bentall Five Tower and had the *tall* order of incorporating the amazing skyscraper into our theme. All the creations are on display in the Gingerbread Village at the  Grouse Mountain Chalet until Dec. 24.

Please support and vote for us everyday until Dec 24 by clicking this link:

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Without further ado, THIS is the story of “How The Penguins Stole Christmas”!

Twas the night before Christmas…

Penguins from far far away travelled north and set their sights on Swiss Bakery for Christmas!
Or, do they…?

Led by the penguin king, the penguins overtake Swiss Bakery…

and they stole freshly made artisan breads!

They came away with baguettes…


 and… hot cross buns!

There were even penguin soldiers to guard the walls atop mini snow mountains.

Meanwhile, Santa was hanging out nearby…

… on top of the Bentall Five Building?
He had to escape from the penguin gang armed with artisan bread weaponry!

They even overturned and hijacked his sleigh full of presents!!! You’re Next Santa!

Towards the South they go!
And this, is How The Penguins Stole Christmas!

– The End –