We’re feeling a little bit “Egg-stra” with the downright treats for Easter week. Inspired by the charming characters, confections and seasonal goodies. 

“Carrot in the ground Cupcake” and “Egg-Hunt Cupcake” also a little bunny found a sunny spot to have a tiny break in a slice of Carrot Cake, and then our well-known Frissant is feeling festive too. 

As a result, starting from March 29th to April 1st, no bunny on Earth will be able to resist these spring-y Easter mouth-watering desserts.

It’s April already! In the meantime, we are so thankful to our customers who keep us moving forward, creating what we know-uncomplicated baked goods with so much love in uncertain days. 


Daylight is a friendly reminder that Spring is around the corner, the aroma of Spring’s treats, cold drinks, picnic blankets, hiking with family and friends, and most importantly, we’re here to hear exciting stories and share a cup of coffee.


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