Established in 1993, Swiss Bakery set out as an Artisan
Bread Specialist at Mt pleasant, Vancouver.

With the warm support of our local families and businesses, we have been
supplying traditional breads and a wide range of pastries at this location for
30 years. 

As a token of our gratitude, we are sharing each of our specialty daily
at 30% off on every weekday for the entire 2023.

Monday: San Francisco Sourdough Loaf – Our best loaf, the REAL Sourdough bread, it is a work of art, making it from scratch, it takes time, patience, and lots of love to begin with creating our Sourdough starter.

Tuesday: Crusty French Loaf – White bread with a unique flavor, it comes from long fermentation and 70% hydration.

Wednesday: Multigrain Loaf – Bursting with health and a flavorful bread with nine textures of seeds, oats and sprinkling of cornmeal.

Thursday: Jumbo Butter Croissant + Pain Au Chocolat Combo – Our croissants are handmade, it is 81 layers of REAL butter lamination, which makes our croissants flaky amazing.

Friday: Frissant + Pretzel + Brew Coffee Combo – The perfect combo for enjoying Swiss Bakery features! We are the home of Vancouver’s Frissant, which is a hybrid pastry of croissants and donuts. Handmade our soft German pretzels are the best savory snack for grab-and-go with coffee.


Check out our 30th anniversary offers! Only available online or in-store Monday – Friday 8 am-5 pm. 

See you soon !!!